Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Its So Friggin COLD!!!

I think I've sort figured out my attitude problem...or at least part of it. I really don't like winter. Specifically, I really hate being cold. I can tolerate the heat a whole lot better than the cold. In my mind, there are plenty more things I can do to cool off and get comfortable than I can do to warm up and get comfortable.

And I really shouldn't be complaining too much, cuz this winter so far hasn't been a bad one. We've had very little snow, and it was quite late in the season before it got cold and stayed cold out. And even then, we've had a couple of warm spells that got into the low 50's.

But I just hate being cold!! And I hate having to bundle up to do anything. And when I am cold, I have a very short fuse. Doesn't take much to make me grumpy, and then its hard to snap out of it. So I guess that is where I am right now. I went home for lunch, and it was cold outside, cold in the car, and cold in my house. I had a cold sandwich of one slice of bread, one Tbsp of peanut butter and one (cold) Tbsp of low sugar raspberry preserves. And I had a cold bottle of water right before I ate. And I had a cold clementine. Which adds up to 55+25+95+40 = 215 cold calories for lunch.

So far today: 220 + 215 = 435 calories, 46 ounces of fluid.

I told hubby that we need some serious cuddle time tonight. He just grinned.


There it is! There is my happy thought for the day. Well, on that note, I should get busy before this moment slips away....


  1. I'm cold intolerant too and it is cold right now in my house though. For the sake of the budget though, I try to keep the thermostat on 68. It is so strange now to be cold all the time when I was always so overheated before. All that extra weight kept me indoors during the summer. I spend more time outside this summer than I have in years and I just basked in the heat. I don't HATE winter but it isn't pleasing me at the moment.

  2. I can handle the cold, however the lack of sunshine lately has put me in the dumps !

    I think we need a vacation to somewhere WARM & SUNNY !!