Friday, January 7, 2011

(139) TGIF...And the Carpet Man is Coming!

First of all, I am SOOOOO glad it is Friday. This has been a crappy week for my motivation level, specifically with work. I am glad to call it a week and be done. And I have lots to do this weekend, with the carpet guy coming on Monday to install in our bedroom. It has been almost 10 years since I've had carpeting in my bedroom. (Hardwood floors are so friggin cold in the winter!) So, come Monday morning, I'll be squishing my toes in some plushy new wall-to-wall!!

I'm am so happy that I am on track this week with Phase 4 of the DDDC. Every day I have come in on target with calories and water. No binges, no goodies. Lots of fruit, lots of water, decent carbs and small amounts of protein. The only thing I could have done better this week was to increase the amount of veggies. But it's all good otherwise.

So, given that I've been on target all week, I'm not understanding why I don't feel like anything is changing. I feel kinda bloated. Bathroom trips are few and far between, except for the peeing part. I keep reading about all of Allan's explosive bathroom antics and wonder what the hell is wrong with my digestive track?!?

I'm just gonna wait it out, I guess....Everyone hits a plateau, right?

So far this morning: plain oatmeal (110 cal) made with water, 2 tsp maple syrup (35 cal), 14 ounces coffee (80 cal), and water:

230 calories and 30 ounces.



  1. Hang in there, its so tough when you have been on track and don't see or feel the reesults. Don't give up , you will see them!!!

  2. It sounds like you are doing great. Hang in there. Hugs.

  3. It all takes time an what seems like infinite patience!
    But it's not all about the numbers.
    Keep doing what you know to be right.
    For health and long-term change.
    And the numbers tend to take care of themselves!