Tuesday, January 11, 2011

(143) My Take on Intuitive Eating

I'm a noob to this term. I got a little feedback from Sweat Pea, Allan, and Karen on this yesterday. Interesting comments, and from what they write, it sounds like its an excuse to excuse your bad behavior....

Over the years, I've had periods of time where I craved one particular kind of food for a limited time. But during that time, that's all I wanted, and couldn't get enough of it. And then it was over.

Ok, well that's not so bad when the food I crave isn't bad for me.

For example, I had a "spell" of craving tomatoes for awhile. Lasted about a month, but I just couldn't get enough tomatoes. Ate them every day, several times a day.

No problem. I would bet that someone might have called that intuitive eating.

One time is was barbecued chicken. Not just any barbecued chicken, but a particular chicken, from a specific restaurant, that made their own sauce. Now, admittedly I couldn't eat that several times a day. It just wasn't practical. I couldn't afford it, and I didn't have the time to drive there that often. But I did make it there nearly every day, for about a month.

Then it was over.

Another time it was bacon. Luckily I was about 16 at the time, and didn't have a weight problem then. But I just couldn't get enough bacon. I'd eat a pound of it at a time. Several times a week. My mom was going nuts! She'd buy a couple packages and freeze them, and then I'd eat them before she knew it. And then it was over.

I think about eating a whole pound of bacon and just the thought makes me nauseous.

People I've mentioned this to over the years have said things like "well, your body must have been needing something in that food", or " maybe you were missing some vitamin or something".


Bacon? Cuz bacon is such a wealth of nutritious goodness......

Maybe, just maybe, something went a little haywire for a short period of time? Eh?

I can see tomatoes....but not bacon, sorry. 

My take on intuitive eating is that portion control should become intuitive...SMALL portions.


  1. There are books on the subject. I have an opinion, but my opinion is just that, my opinion. Look up Lanie Painie. She is an advocate of the process, and it never hurts to hear another side of the story.

  2. I go through times like that too, with the craving certain food for a while and then getting sick of it. Mostly though, it is in the summer and involved garden fresh vegetable. It is like I want to get a lot of those in while they are still available fresh and locally grown. Last summer I went through a phase with yellow squash and zucchini sauteed with onions. Not too bad but I did overeat those and that is never good. I'm a firm believe in that overeating is bad even if the food choice is healthy and that it leads to more overeating. It sounds like you have a good grip on intuitive eating, but as Allan says, check out the advocates to get both sides. :)

  3. Bacon, I love Bacon. And I eat it a couple of times a week. Can't imagine life without it :-)

    Intuitive or Mindfullness is something I subscribe to. And while I am not a pro on the subject, I do not think the proper association os cravings. At least how I practice it cravings have little to do with it. Someone who I feel has a great grasp on it can be read/heard here...

    You can listen to their podcast on your pc, do not need an mp3 player. Or searc her site for the word intuitive and other text only posts will result.

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