Friday, January 7, 2011

(139) On A Completely Different Note

We all come here (to our respective blogs and to visit other people's blogs) to talk about our diet, our binges, our calories and water intake, our struggles. We have all eaten more than we should, otherwise we'd be writing some other kind of blog. Eating, for all of us, has been far too easy. Overeating has been far too easy....

But I want to bring your attention to a little girl for whom eating (and pooping and walking and talking) is difficult. For her tiny little body, eating, swallowing and keeping down food are a daily struggle. She struggles with something called Rett Syndrome. Before reading her Mom's blog, Jouney Beyond Survival, I'd never heard of Rett Syndrome. Taking care of Chickadee (Evalyn) is a full time job. No, let me correct that. It's more like 3 times a full time job, what with all the doctor visits, and middle of the night accidents, and digestive problems. Her disease is progressive, and affects her ability to move, communicate, and digest food. Chickadee's momma is amazing, and by reading her momm'a blog, so is her daddy. But it is exhausting, and they need a little help.

Help in the form of a companion for Chickadee. A companion that can help her with socialization. One that can help with keeping her little body moving. One that can alert others when she is experiencing distress. One that is four-legged and furry.

Here is Chickadee (as her Mom calls her!) Also known as Evalyn...

And she could really benefit from a Therapy dog. Problem is, Therapy dogs are very expensive, and Chickadee's family is struggling.

If you could manage just a little donation, it would mean the world to this beautiful little girl...and her momma.

You can visit: to make a donation.

A Therapy Dog is not only a companion, but a guardian angel, and doesn't this little angel deserve and angel of her own?

Please help, in whatever way you can.

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