Saturday, January 8, 2011

(140) Makin Bacon....But not for me

I'm in the kitchen right now, making breakfast....or should I say brunch, for the troupes. Bacon, potatoes, and eggs. But I'll only be having the poached eggs (1 poached egg, 71 cal), not the over-medium that they like. And no bacon for me. I actually "prefer" turkey bacon, but we are out, so that's a good thing (Cuz I'm the only one that **really** likes the turkey bacon, and that means I'll eat waaay too much of it). Likewise, I won't be having potatoes either. Plain toast for me (55 cal). Plus coffee (80 cal) and water.



Lunch was a grapefruit (120 cal) and a banana (71 cal) and coffee (80 cal) plus water.


Dinner: 4 ounces of left-over roast (200 cal), 1/2 cup potatoes (75 cal), and a string cheese (70 cal). More damn coffee (80 cal) plus water...

totals: 902 cal and 90 ounces.

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