Friday, January 28, 2011

(160) Well I Did It...

I've got one really good thing to feel good about: I did not eat my way to feeling better yesterday in the aftermath of the latest installation on the family drama channel.

Things are calm at least, even if there isn't much talking going on. And I'm just not feeling all that hungry.

Food has been really boring lately, mainly cuz I'm trying not to think about it. So I'm in a sort of autopilot mode, I've got my food narrowed down to some really simple stuff, and I'm sticking to it.

We are cooking up hard boiled eggs periodically and then have them available for a couple days. When we go grovery shopping and get fruit, I'll have 2-4 pieces a day. Breakfast is simple: either oatmeal, and egg, or toast/english muffin. Lunch is often a salad or sandwich.

I've stopped thinking about all the tasty recipes I have, and all the old food I'm used to eating. I'm settling into the idea that I just eat different stuff now, and its kinda boring.

I'm afraid to starting thinking about ways to make my boring stuff more appealing, cuz then I'm just spending time thinking about food in general...not a good idea.

Really in a dull place right now...

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  1. Sorry about the dullness. Maybe you can get a low calorie recipe book and try some new things to liven things up. I took some of my healthier recipes and altered them to be more weight loss friendly. I go through phases too where I just want simple and then other times I need something different. :)