Thursday, January 13, 2011

(145) Its All About Patience...and Feeling Better


K, so as I peruse other blogs, and as others post comments in response to my frustration with the non-moving scale, a few things keep floating to the top:

Be patient.
Be patient...
Stick to the plan
and be patient.

Today, Allan wrote about percent decreases in calorie intake versus percent slow-down in metabolism...and that is all boils down to sticking to the plan and being patient.

OK, ok....I'll be patient.

But, much as I want to get on the stupid scale every frickin day and see some lower number, what I am really doing here is trying to feel better.

Read that >>>>> over there>>>>

"I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. And I'm tired of hearing myself complain about it."

That's what I wrote the day I made this blog. And that's what I have to keep reminding myself.

Back then I was feeling like crap. Tired all the time. Going up one flight of steps was uncomfortable and made things hurt, my knees, my back, my lungs. I had no energy. For lack of a better way to put it, everything just felt thick and congested and bloated. Bending over hurt.

And all I kept thinking about was how I used to feel so much better...back when I moved around more, and carried less. Back when I could *run* up a flight of steps. Back when I could jog a mile or two...or more. back when I could jump.

For God's sake!!! I'm not an old woman!! I sound like my mother!!

But....even though the scale is slowing down, and I'm not seeing the numbers change like I did at the beginning, I am eating way less crap. And more importantly, I am feeling better. And I know that each day I stay on target, I am taking better care of myself. I'm not overloading my system with excess fat, I'm not bombarding my pancreas with tons of sugar, and I'm decreasing my chances of getting diabetes, heart disease, cancer and stroke.

Thats the real goal.

Screw the scale numbers....I just want to be smaller and healthier, and the smaller pants tell me I'm getting there.


  1. Awesome post! Great attitude. so inspiring! I having issues with just getting back on track with counting my calories again. Your doing SO WELL! Hang in there! Results will come!

  2. Good for you! You have it right. The number don't matter as much as getting a place where you are happy and functional and healthy. Number will vary, sizes will vary, what matters is what you want and doing what you need to to get there. Hugs.

  3. unfortunately, the scale doesn't tell the whole truth. It doesn't reflect the good choices you are making, the time spent exercising, etc. It's not the whole story. You have the right atttitude. Just keep working towards your goals. I've learned to LOVE THE PROCESS of getting healthier. Eating and moving more adds so much to your life.

    Patience just takes practice.. at least that's what I'm learning. Thank you for giving me an award. You made me smile.